Salmon struggle in their migration upstream.

Do pitfalls & potholes reveal God?

So why is it we are so bent on a life without conflict if the pastor’s premise is true in that conflict is even a part of the relationship we have with God? According to the pastor, growth does not occur without conflict. The example of an athelete training his or her body for competition is one but many such metaphores that can be used to illustrate this point.

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Laughter and other simple joys

My weekend with my daughter is over for another couple weeks. This is typically the “let-down” time for me as I return to a quiet apartment and kill some time before going to bed. It was a good weekend, though she suffered part of the weekend through a “tummy ache” and a bumped nose that…

Atheists protest Christmas with Times Square display

Fighting over the message

If a group of people intentionally wants to get under the skin of self-proclaimed Christians, all they need to do is wait for the holiest of holidays for Christians and start a verbal argument. Score one for all the self-proclaimed atheists out there. Sadly, the debate does little to convince ardent atheists otherwise. What it…

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Saving our kid’s lives

Stories like this really hit home for me right now. My daughter is 12 and just started middle school. She’s the same age as Rebecca Ann Sedwick, the Florida girl who was literally bullied to death. I’ve known kids and of kids who have made decisions like this to end the pain. I personally believe we…