The Oak Tree

Ide Adobe State Park-9A background picture on some slides in church this morning made me think about the oak tree and how God might want us to be, at least in part, like that oak tree.

The oak tree goes through seasonal changes… light green leaves begin to bud in the spring, which darken as summer approaches. They change colors in autumn and fall to the ground in the winter.

We go through seasonal periods in our life that are different from the life-seasons that we experience. By life-seasons, I mean the typical changes we go through in life from newborn through adolescence to adult and, if we live that long, senior citizen. Aside from those, we also go through periods that I’ll call seasons, in which we — like the oak tree — blossom with new life, experience the majesty of our growth in summer, and go through a life-changing season. But even in winter, when the oak tree looks dead it really isn’t. It may have lost its leaves and appear lifeless in the storms that blow through its naked branches, but it’s not dead. According to one Web site, a mature oak tree can take up as much as 50 gallons of water per day.

I think our lives are kind of like that oak tree. We have seasons where we blossom and grow, seasons where we appear mature and solid, and we have seasons where we lose part of ourselves and appear to die. Nevertheless, the same God who created the oak tree, sustains us through these seasons.

One of the lessons we can learn from the oak tree is that no matter the season, we need to stand firm in our faith and continue to feed from the living water that Christ provides us through His Word. And like that oak, which stands firm on the hillside when winter’s storms blow the leaves away, we too will stand firm in life’s storms as we continue to dwell in Christ.

One thought on “The Oak Tree

  1. Oh, how I needed to hear this today, Todd…thank you for posting this. It refreshed my weary frame and encouraged me in such a profound way. God bless you, Sir.

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