A billboard from above

Thank youBy a show of hands, how many of us have asked God for a visible sign of something?

This was discovered this morning on my refrigerator. Last night I took my daughter back to her mother’s apartment after my regular weekend with her. When I got home I was tired and went straight to bed without ever going to the kitchen.

For about the last half hour prior to taking her home we played with a couple of balls in my yard. It wasn’t very well-organized and there were few rules… we just played.

This token of appreciation from my daughter means more than I can ever explain here. Suffice to say, the last couple years of being a court-ordered visitor in my daughter’s life because her mother decided that divorce was a better option than living out a life consistent with God’s plan for marriage, has been tough on me and my young daughter. Nevertheless, my desire to stay in her life and in town, rather than move to a more prosperous region of the nation, or somewhere I might enjoy better, has kept me anchored to the same town.

Thank you, God for the assurance that I’m doing the right thing. Please bless my daughter.


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