America’s Holocaust… when will it end?

I wish I had more to say about this but I don’t. It’s repulsive but it needs to be seen and then reacted upon with all the indignation, disgust and outrage that such a repugnant act deserves.

We have people in America today crying over the cutting down of trees, protesting over the lives of 2-inch minnows and those who still think that clubbing baby seals is wrong; where’s the outrage… the same outrage and more that caused our Lord and Savior to raise his voice and literally flip tables over?

Is this what we get when we force God out of the public square? Is this what we get when we can’t pray to Him in school anymore? How can one nation under God, a nation that proclaims on its currency “in God We Trust,” stand for this?

I had nothing to do with the production of this video… I’m merely sharing it with the hope that you too will do what you can to stop this horror. Please, as vile and sickening as it is to watch, and you might get sick watching it, please watch all 8 minutes of it. Then do the right thing and work with me to stop what is America’s nearly 40-year government sanctioned and legalized holocaust.


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