A rare treat: Respect

Ladies, you’ll probably never fully understand the power you wield with your husbands. I’m being brutally serious and honest.

It’s quite refreshing to see and hear women publicly praise their husbands, or simply say nice things about them in an honest way. Sadly, you don’t see or hear much of this, so when it happens, it’s noteworthy.

As an über geek who spends more than ample time on social media and blogs, the student in me has spotted a trend, albeit a very small trend. This one is noteworthy.

Over the past year I’ve seen 3 examples of wives publicly praising their husbands on Facebook. That’s right, 3. In all cases they were as simple as expressing their excitement over “hubby” coming home from a business trip (two of them), to one of them expressing her satisfaction over her husband’s ability to barbecue a great meal and help take care of their newborn and help out around the home.

Why do I share this? Well, because my pastor just preached a message on how to “affair-proof” your marriage, and one of the thoughts that occurred to me during his sermon was how men can so easily be discouraged when we do things for our families and they go unnoticed. Yes, it’s no secret, but the male ego is a fragile one. I’m not saying that we need a ticker-tape parade and keys to the city just for mowing the lawn; noticing it would be nice, though. Simply put, we need to feel as if what we do counts for something. Ladies… you want us to buy you flowers and do “little” things for you, well, how about a little respect along the way.

I have no studies to cite, but I wonder (the journalist in me) how many affairs could have been prevented if the husband was made to feel special by the one woman he chose to love, honor and protect. I’m not excusing affairs or making light of them, I’m simply asking an honest question.

I’d be willing to bet that the women who do hold this public attitude for their husbands are blessed in so many ways. I’ll bet they don’t have to go begging or complaining about forgotten anniversaries, birthdays and the odd special occasions where flowers or some other token of appreciation mysteriously appear.

2 thoughts on “A rare treat: Respect

  1. Re: Yes, it’s no secret, but the male ego is a fragile one.

    And yet the feminine ego is so much more fragile then most men realize…

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