The Problem with Megachurches (via In the hedge with David J)

I don’t know whether to read this as a warning and be thankful for it, or to be appalled at what seems to be passing for Christian churches in some areas.
I am quite thankful that the church I attend has managed to avoid the trappings that the author here suggests are the problems with the mega churches. While it’s nice to have the growth in our church, I remain amazed that my pastor appears to know everyone by name and has a genuine concern and love for everyone there.

"While researching some data about the megachurch phenomenon, I found the following blog. As you read The Problem with Megachurches, I really want you to think about the authors insights and conclusions. What BoyintheMachine wrote should be enough to make any megachurch pastor weep and seek repentance. This blog should motivate us to pray for those who are deceived by these false teachers, and ask God to raise up people who will preach the truth … Read More

via In the hedge with David J


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