What would a jury of your peers say?

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Google the words “Obama muslim” and you’ll get about 43 million responses.

Apparently there’s a lot of people out there today who think that the President of the United States is not what he claims to be. That he claims to be a Christian in the face of what some claim as evidence of his Islamic roots and faith should raise an interesting question of introspection for Christians everywhere, but not for the reasons you might think.

What would someone say of you if this question were raised? Could you defend your Christian beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ in court if asked to do so?

I once heard a story of a man flying on an airplane when apparently out of nowhere the person sitting next to him said (not a question, but a statement) “you must be a Christian.” As I recall the story the person accused of being a Christian wasn’t sitting there reading his Bible or doing something that might tip the person off to his faith. It apparently had to do with the individual’s demeanor and the way he talked with the passenger sitting next to him.

Could you or I be accused of being Christian simply by the way we react to people in the grocery store, or at work, or wherever else we might be? It’s certainly cause for introspection. What if you or I were hauled into court and a jury of our peers were presented with evidence of our Christian faith. Could they convict us of it, or would we be acquitted out of a lack of evidence?


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