Divorce fallout

Moving is no fun. Couple that with having to relocate a couple states away from your pre-teen daughter and it’s not good at all.

That’s just a part of the train wreck that people so glibly call “divorce.” Anyone who calls divorce a valid option is, in most cases, completely insane. The havoc it wreaks on children is devastating. I don’t believe that children ever get over it. They just learn to push through the pain.

Last night I tried to talk with my 9-year-old on the telephone. Her mother called because our daughter was refusing to do her homework. Last night was supposed to be a regular visitation night for me and my daughter. I still can’t get the sound of her little voice out of my head when she cried “hi daddy!”

To all you dads out there who think they have no impact on your children’s lives, or moreover, think that your absense wouldn’t be missed — think again! I’d put money on the fact that millions of children from divorced parents would beg to differ. Their lives have been forever altered as a result of the selfishness of one or both of their parents. They didn’t ask for this, but they’re having to live through the pain of divorce.

Like the radioactive fallout from a nuclear bomb, the fallout from divorce has a long half-life with negative impacts that will last throughout the life of the child.

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