The Depression Roller Coaster

A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster at Wild Adve...

Image via Wikipedia

Depression is much like a roller coaster ride, but unlike the amusement park attraction where one can get off after a few minutes, it can often be a lifelong journey.

According to one doctor, depression is partially a matter of environmental inputs and partially a matter of brain chemistry. One begets the other and the cycle continues.

Like the roller coaster that slowly chugs upwards, ever higher, it seems that human emotions take slower to peak than they do to spiral downwards and crash, requiring one to work harder to reach the proverbial mountaintop than to trip and fall into the valley.

Where life’s circumstances are the gravity that propels the roller coaster downward, encouragement is the force pulling the cars to the peak.

Take time this week to encourage someone else. You never know how it will impact your life.


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