National Day of Prayer under assault

Why do we need to wait for a national proclamation that may never come to pray for our nation?

That’s kind of the theme of a commercial I heard at the end of a Focus on the Family podcast. It opens with a man’s voice saying: “There are forces at work right now that are trying to stop the National Day of Prayer.” Those of us with a biblical knowledge and those of us who pay attention politically know that these forces are spiritual and political. Nevertheless, the commercial goes on to state that while these forces may be successful in stopping a formalized national day of prayer from taking place, it can’t stop individuals from praying for America.

America faces all sorts of stresses right now. Political stresses threaten to tear us apart just as much as the spiritual battle against the family has made it so that the divorce rate within the church is the same as it is within the American public at large. Meanwhile, political policies continue to force millions of taxpayers to fund — against their will mind you — the abhorrent practice of killing human babies in the name of “birth control.”

The Alliance Defense Fund is urging state governors not to bow to pressures to cancel National Day of Prayer celebrations across the nation.

Nevertheless, America needs to get on its knees before God — corporately and privately — to humble ourselves and pray, seek God, and turn from our evil ways. If we do this I believe God’s promise that He will restore America to the greatness that we once enjoyed.


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