He is risen!

Empty Tomb 

Image by abcdz2000 via Flickr


4 thoughts on “He is risen!

  1. Funny how he is the most important man to ever walk the earth and yet no one ever thought it was big enough to write about him until 4 decades later. When someone did finally write about him in a letter that would later be named the gospel of mark, there was no account of a resurection that was witnessed by anyone. It was another few decades before someone added the last 12 versus to the gospel. Sounds a little fishy to me.

  2. Is that a joke? This is supposed to be the single most important even in human history. Involving the most important man to ever walk the earth. There were plenty of historians writing about events of the time. Many crucifixions were written about… Not a single word ever written about a man named Jesus. Ever. Not until 40 years after his death. Even then… Paul write about the rules. No account of his life. Not a 1st hand account. Just stories. Even the gospels are just stories. Not a single first hand account of Jesus’ existence anywhere. You would think God would take care of that….

    • No, it’s not a joke! I did that April 1st on my facebook page when I suggested that President Obama was live on Fox News reading his resignation statement because that was an appropriate day to kid around and frankly, many people like myself couldn’t ask for a better present than the resignation of the current president, but I digress.
      Why would you think I was joking about the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? I could ask you the same question given how preposterous your statements are here. Maybe you missed the accounts in Acts 2 and chapter 1 of First John where the authors directly address being eye witnesses to Jesus and the things He did.
      Unlike your premise here, I’m not angry. In fact, I fully understand your vehement opposition to my position based on my understanding of what God writes in the Bible. I understand why you believe the way you do, though it puzzles me that my faith is often called into question by atheists who exhibit an even stronger “faith,” if you will, in the position that there is no God and that everything around us is a random case of happenstance.

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