What was God thinking?

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Have you ever stopped to think about the Genesis account of creation in light of God’s own admission that something wasn’t good?

After all, we see in Genesis 1 that after everything God created he declared it “good,” culminating with the creation of man, which He called “very good.” So why in chapter 2, verse 18 does God admit that something is “not good?”

The advent of podcasts makes listening to sermons a totally new experience. Not that I try to avoid church in exchange for the privacy of my iPod, but it’s great to hear sermons from pastors I’ve heard previously and churches I’ve once attended. It also works well for über note-taking geeks like myself to be able to start and stop a pastor at will (hmmm… an on-off switch for pastors?) so I can copy down what he’s saying and the thoughts that fly through my attention deficit brain!

The question comes to mind after listening to a sermon by Rocky Purvis, senior pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Columbia, SC, entitled: The Church’s DNA — Part 2 (Community)

Think about it this way: of everything God created, and called “good,” we get to the end of the creation account and we see that after the creation of man, God admits something’s not quite right.

Now, before you tear your clothes and start to pick up rocks, let me finish. In Genesis 2:18 God actually says: “It is not good for man to be alone.” (Emphasis mine)

But wait a minute… didn’t Adam have God? And isn’t God all-sufficient? Yes, and yes! So why then did God say this? Does this mean that everyone who’s ever said “all I need is God” is wrong?

According to Pastor Purvis’ thesis, God created us for community; He made us to be in relationship with others. Why didn’t God just stop with Adam, call it “good” and let Adam be content fishing for trout? The simple truth is: I don’t know! I wasn’t there and God didn’t consult with me. Read Job chapters 38-42 for the account of a conversation between God and a man named Job who dared to question God’s sovereignty.

Nevertheless, the idea of Christian community is one that goes all the way back to the creation account, and is laced throughout the Bible. It’s God’s design that we live in community and relationship with each other, not just because or for the idea of marriage, which God also created, but because in God’s infinite wisdom, we all need each other if we’re to live the way God intended.

I plan to make frequent updates to this idea in future blog posts as the idea of Christian community, friendship and mentorship are important, so be sure to come back often.

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