How science and nature shout God’s existence


Louie Giglio is a remarkable and exciting speaker. I’ve been watching a series in Sunday School where he talks about the vastness of God. While the DVD clip below addresses only part of his series, which continues to blow me away, there was another part in the series just before he goes on to explain Laminin that continues to reverberate through my mind.

In it he briefly explains the biology and physiology of human conception, where one independent cell joins with another independent cell to make one cell, at which point conception happens and the process of life begins. While Giglio is using this example to explain the marvels of God’s creation it made me think of the passage in Genesis 2 when God said: “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.”

There’s a corollary here, I believe, between the example of human conception, where egg and sperm collide and create a brand new cell that eventually divides and grows into a human being, and what I’ve come to believe happens in marriage when God joins a man and woman together. In the case of the sperm and egg, once you put them together you can’t divide them and still have a human being. So, if God said that a man is “joined” to his wife and the two “become one flesh,” isn’t that a bit, spiritually speaking, like egg and sperm joining to make another human being? And if that’s so, then doesn’t it help explain the pain and chaos caused by divorce, how when divorce takes place you feel as if someone or something has literally torn you in two?

To me it seems simple in light of what we read in the scriptures and what we know to be true of the human tragedy called divorce.


2 thoughts on “How science and nature shout God’s existence

  1. Louie Giglio is indeed an astounding speaker – I’ve found myself awestruck and passionately revived by many of his series. As for marriage, it’s a wonder how we often overlook the “oneness” of it – and the beauty and selflessness that is Biblically entailed.

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