God in the men’s department

save khaki, a great casual mens' clothing store

save khaki, a great casual mens’ clothing store (Photo credit: cherrypatter)

God’s reassurance doesn’t have to come in big moments or with an epiphany. In fact I found Him today in the men’s department at JC Penney.

While thinking about what I’ll need for an upcoming job interview that I haven’t even got yet, the idea occurred to me that a new pair of dress slacks would be nice (I’m trying to think positive). With payday a week away I thought I’d simply “price” some slacks at the store in an attempt to budget myself for an interview (and job) I really hope to land.

In the interest of brevity, 15 minutes later I walked out of the store with TWO pair of Dockers for the same amount of money I spent earlier on my chicken enchilada plate at the local Mexican restaurant: $13. That includes the governor’s share!

So while I’ve not had a phone call or e-mail inviting me for an interview just yet, I feel as if God is letting me know that He’s involved and interested in even the small details of my plans and is paving the way for me to get this job that I so want.


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