Missing my angel: One of the many curses of divorce

Amanda 60One of God’s greatest gifts is children. In May 2001 God gave me and my wife a daughter. Though I don’t know where the term “daddy’s girl” originated, I do know this: there is an unmistakable link between my heart and hers. It’s amazing how a large, grown man can be wrapped around a finger so small.

This year is particularly tough for me for a couple reasons. One… my little girl recently turned 10, and two… because of divorce and the poor economy in one state, she lives in a different state with her mother.

The effects of divorce on the family are legion. It’s probably one of the main reasons why God hates divorce. He said it just that way in Malachi 2:16.

Some time ago I came across a blog post that chronicles the thoughts of a soon-to-be ex-husband. Though some of the circumstances outlined in the guy’s comments are different than my own, the sentiment is there and the message is still the same.

Now I’m living without the ability to watch my daughter grow up; I can’t give her the big hug she deserves while telling her that I’m so very proud of her for getting straight A’s in school this year. Calling her on the phone, sending her a card in the mail and having some books shipped to her from Barnes and Noble dot com is just not the same!

As I grow closer in my own relationship with God I am oddly comforted and conflicted at the same time: Comforted in the fact that her mother has a good job with great benefits and that our daughter is doing very well in school academically, but conflicted in that I can’t be there to be the father that she desperately needs. Part of what troubles me is while I really do want to be there but can’t, there are children in America today who’s parents actually dislike them, actively seek to avoid them, and say horrible things to them in public.


4 thoughts on “Missing my angel: One of the many curses of divorce

  1. You are a great father Todd and your daughter knows you love her. God does everything for a reason even if we don’t understand why. Maintain your devotion and in the end you will continue to be blessed. Wishing you a terrific Fathers Day!

  2. I realize this is not exactly fair to you but are you in a position to move to the state where your daughter lives?

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