Male bashing and the false premises that lead to it

Years ago we used to fill stadiums and be motivated to live as real (biblical) men. Where are we today and are we fulfilling that calling? © Todd Fitchette

How do we defend fatherhood in a culture that seems to marginalize and alienate fathers (men in general) thru false premises and downright lies?

It can’t be just me. I read online of men complaining that they’ve been marginalized in a society that — let’s face it folks — would not have advanced to the point it has without the spirit, competitiveness, drive, desire and even the testosterone of men.

A recent report by the Heritage Foundation points to statistics that suggest children growing up in homes where both mom and dad are present and active are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and tend to do better socially and academically than their single-parent home peers.

Not exactly the kind of news you want to share at your next divorce recovery meeting, but the studies and the facts are out there.

So why is it, then, that America seems to be speaking out of both sides of its mouth on this issue? What is it about the prime time television line-up that extols the virtues of women dumping all over the poor guy, characterizing him as a mindless dolt with no common sense yet with only one thing on his mind while some community activists ponder why children are doing so poorly in school or wonder why most of those incarcerated in prison are men who had no fathers or father-figures in the home while growing up? Where are today’s he-men? Why do some women get so offended when a man holds the door open for them?

Sunday is Father’s Day. You almost wouldn’t know it from all the television commercials suggesting that the family run out and spend thousands of dollars on dad. Oops… my bad!

Ever notice that Mother’s Day and Valentines Day dwarf Father’s Day in terms of their commercial appeal? It seems a bit ironic in a society that actively complains about the glass ceiling is the same society that promotes the idea that we should spend countless amounts of cash buying flowers, jewelry, cards, clothing and the like for our wives and girlfriends (both if you’re a politician).

Frankly I’m tired of watching television, particularly the commercials that offer the premise that all men are worthless idiots with two or three working brain cells, while the woman has it all together and is the only one equipped to save the day.

No, I’m not bashing women. I like women — especially the pretty ones! I’m just saying maybe what America needs is a few good men to push back hard against the idea that men are irrelevant and live as we’ve been called to live and respond.


One thought on “Male bashing and the false premises that lead to it

  1. Hey Todd, it is called MISANDRY reverse sexism by women against men. Wikipedia has a good definition and examples of it. You could not be more right. It is time that men take back their rightful role in society. It is the lesbian liberals of the feminist persuasion that foist this view on society.

    Let us have more blogs like this. I have posted such posts on my blog as well in the past.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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