Comparisons between the early church and today

Consider this: The early church “devoted themselves” to the apostles teachings (learning about God and His will for our lives), to fellowship (socializing), to meals and to prayer.

Devote: 1: to commit by a solemn act <devoted herself to serving God>
2: to give over or direct (as time, money, or effort) to a cause, enterprise, or activity

Solemn: 1marked by the invocation of a religious sanction <asolemn oath>,
2: marked by the observance of established form or ceremony; specifically : celebrated with full liturgical ceremony,
3a : awe-inspiring: sublime <solemn beauty>
b marked by grave sedateness and earnest sobriety <asolemn gathering>
c : sombergloomy <a solemn gray building>

Sounds pretty serious to me when you look up the definitions of “devote” and “solemn.” The way I read Acts 2, I see a group of people “sold out” to the cause of Christianity and what Christ taught.

How does this compare to today’s church?

Well, we get together on the 4th of July for an all-church picnic and we come to church on Sundays if it doesn’t get in the way of our fishing trip or vacation, and we might volunteer if it doesn’t interfere with hauling the kids to soccer, going to the gym or shopping.

How did we manage to fill our lives with so much stuff to do that we can no longer devote (commit) ourselves to things that will outlast the next smart phone that we are already dreaming of?

Just a thought… What do you think?

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