Where are all the men?

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Okay gentlemen… we’ve been to the mountaintop; we’ve heard the speeches; we’ve been challenged to assume the leadership role that God has called us to, so why haven’t things changed? Why is America getting worse, not better?

For instance, why is the divorce rate in the church the same as it is outside the church?

Why are only 20% of those in attendance at church any one weekend involved in local ministry while the rest come as spectators of an event rather than to learn how to be holy as God is holy? Haven’t we learned anything from our studies of the Book of Acts and the early church? I really wonder if church involvement is even that high given what I see every weekend! And of those who are involved, why are most of them women?

A story in The Christian Post suggests that 80 percent of church goers are mere spectators… just there for the entertainment value (my assessment, but certainly implied by the story).

Anecdotally I’ve read where women tend to be more involved in church than men. I’m sure there are studies that point this out scientifically. I know that I’ve experienced this in churches I’ve attended and have had women tell me that seems to be the case from their perspective as well. Moreover, why is that the case, especially after the apparent success and popularity of men’s-only ministries such as Promise Keepers? Where are the men? Why do so many men let their wives and children attend church alone given the apparent success and popularity of Promise Keepers? Wake up, gentlemen! If your wife is going to church by herself you are: a) abdicating your role as the spiritual leader; and, b) allowing a wedge to be placed in your marriage that can lead to adultery and other common problems. Remember the statistics about divorce being just as common in the church as outside of it?

This is not a criticism of Promise Keepers. I have a lot of respect for the mission and goals of Promise Keepers. I’ve been to a couple of their large stadium events, so I can point fingers at myself. These are just questions I have given my observations over the past couple decades that the attempt to encourage men back into church has been on my radar screen.

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