Finish strong: Teach your children well

Father and daughter
Image by apdk via Flickr

Although I didn’t write the following (I’ve now seen it on facebook and in another blog) this timeless piece of wisdom bears repeating in light of the message out this week in the new movie “Courageous.” So, men of God, are we up for the challenge?

We need to teach our daughters the difference between a man who
flatters her and a man who compliments her.

A man who spends money on her
and a man who invests in her.

A man who views her a property
and a man who views her properly.

A man who lusts after her
and a man who loves her.

A man who believes he is
God’s gift to women
and a man who remembers
a woman was God’s gift to man.

And then, teach our sons to be that kind of man.

Believe me gentlemen, as a man with a daughter, I will not only do my best to teach my daughter these things, but will be on the watch for your sons who weren’t taught these things!


2 thoughts on “Finish strong: Teach your children well

  1. Thank you so much for this post, Todd. I have never met a man who loved me like that. Not in my entire life. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be loved like that. To have a man not resent spending money on me but to view me as something worth investing in would be the best feeling in the world.Like I am not a burden but a blessing. I would feel like I matter. I feel that way about my daughters but I have never had a man act that way about me. Not in my whole life.

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