Drinking deep with Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns during the “Until The Whole World Hears Tour” in Bakersfield, Calif. © Todd Fitchette

Okay, I admit it: I am a big Casting Crowns fan. So when news came out earlier this year that they were releasing a new CD I couldn’t wait. The tough part was wondering how the guys and gals from Atlanta were going to upstage their previous efforts.

It’s hard to say that they’ve done it in spades with their latest compilation titled “Come To The Well” without making it sound like their earlier albums are anything less than they are. In short, I was wondering how Mark Hall and crew could improve on the perfection that was “Until the Whole World Hears,” or “Lifesong,” or “The Altar and the Door,” or even their freshman entry with its hits “Voice of Truth” and “If We Are The Body.”

The title song “The Well” is written by Hall and Matthew West. It’s inspiration comes from several passages in the Gospel of John and one in Isaiah that talks about Jesus Christ as the living well and the source from which we can permanently quench our spiritual thirst and hunger.

In John 4:1-54 is the historical account of Jesus’ encounter with a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well.

The woman at the well thought she was standing by a well and talking to a man. In reality she was standing by a hole in the ground; she was talking to the well. She thought she already had her source but she was in fact dying of spiritual thirst. We often come to the Father with our well. We already have our own idea of what will fill us. Then we ask God to bless our ideas, our source, our well, but we soon realize that Jesus is not the blesser of our plans; but the Author of life! He is our source. Any other well we attempt to draw from is just a hole in the ground. ~ from the CD jacket intro to The Well.

The song and its lyrics are a haunting reminder for all of us to simply leave everything else behind and turn to Jesus for the living water that only He provides.


3 thoughts on “Drinking deep with Casting Crowns

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  3. Love this album, love Casting Crowns. I have the joy of being in the church where Mark and several members of Crowns lead worship. Talk about amazing praise and worship!

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