Oh God: Fill me with your spirit wind

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Probably my favorite song on Casting Crowns’ new CD “Come To the Well,” the song “Spirit Wind” has encouraged me to read through the book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. Not just read it for the sake of adding it to another list of books read, but as the lyrics encourage, to ask God to breathe His breath of life into my soul.

Aside from the musical talents of Casting Crowns, I really like this group for the thought-provoking and challenging lyrics they put into song.

Written by Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall and by Jason Hoard, the song is dedicated to Hall’s pastor when Hall was a youth Pastor in Alabama.

This song is dedicated to Bro. Randy Kuhn, my pastor when I was a young youth pastor in Samson, Alabama. He preached passionately about Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones. As I looked out at our little church I saw how dry we were spiritually and for a minute it was as though he was Ezekiel praying for God to breathe into our church and make it a light in our little town. Since then, many of the teenagers in that church are now youth pastors and senior pastors all over our country. ~ Intro to Spirit Wind from the CD jacket

What a legacy for that pastor! Not to have a popular Christian group to praise him or write a song based on what a young Mark Hall would witness, but that many of those who went through this church under Pastor Kuhn are now part of a mighty army serving God throughout the United States.

Imagine our once-great nation, faltering as it is economically and socially, if God would breathe His life back into the souls of our churches and families. How different would circumstances be in this dry and weary land if we would heed Ezekiel’s message to Israel and react appropriately to the example of history as foretold to Ezekiel and recorded for us in the Old Testament.


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