The light that illumines mountains

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.

I like this quote by famed photographer Dorothea Lange because of its simple truthfulness. Have you ever stopped to notice how light is sometimes more beautiful when contrasted by darkness?

Sunrise against the LaPlata Mountains in southern Colorado. © Todd Fitchette

This occurred to me yesterday morning as the sun began to rise under a layer of dismal grey clouds. In fact, for a moment in time, those clouds actually became much more as the earth spun and the light of the sun streamed under them and lit them from below, causing them to glow magnificent shades of red and orange.

My immediate thoughts were of thanks… appreciation to God for His majesty and creation as I drove slowly in a small, southern Colorado valley where I commonly see deer, elk, livestock and an occasional mountain lion.

Cresting the hill as I ascended from the valley I witnessed another spectacle. The sun was turning the east-facing slopes of the LaPlata Mountains into a glowing reflection of God’s majesty and creative talents. Warm colors that can only be created by the sun peeking through the atmosphere and reflected by the warm hues refracted by clouds that were just minutes before a dark and depressing grey, and now reflecting a host of colors back for me to enjoy.

I think life is sometimes like that. We’re encompassed by depressing grey clouds that chill us to our bones. A dismal fog sets in and we can’t see beyond the immediate.

But God is nevertheless there, and as His light pokes through the darkness onto all that is around us, we begin to see hints of His glory and can’t but help recognize that the source of this light radiating around us comes from the same one who spoke light into existence and the one who created us to have relationship with Him.


2 thoughts on “The light that illumines mountains

  1. Hi Todd, I just wanted to say thanks for the good, uplifting thoughts you bring to your “PointMan” postings. I was telling a friend about them the other day and will forward some of them as soon as she sends me her e-mail address. Thanks again, Todd. Cliff and I remember you fondly. Bev Penner

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