Destroying America through its children

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NEA headquarters in Washington, DC. Image via Wikipedia

I recall hearing a pro-life advocate suggest that Christians are too eager to share what they’re against and not what they’re “for” in terms of political arguments and debate. I thought he made a good point. But then I continue to read stuff like this.

Apparently the National Teacher’s Association — that’s the union that represents the working conditions and pay of teachers while falsely claiming to have the best interest of the children at heart — thinks that sex education should begin (wait for it…)

…in Kindergarten!

I guess kindergarten teachers don’t already have enough stress in their lives. After all, it must be simple as pie, according to the NEA, to teach children their shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet, so that they can go onto the first grade and learn how to read. Now teachers are going to have to, if the NEA gets its way, incorporate “age appropriate” class assignments on the birds and the bees and why some boy bees like other boy bees.

But aren’t they already reading books like “Mom and Mum Are Getting Married” and “Daddy, Papa and Me” as part of the gay lobby’s efforts to indoctrinate children into an abhorrent lifestyle choice?

Cultural rot in America is running rampant, and it’s just examples like this that help illustrate the point.

Christians are called to be salt and light in a world of bland and dangerous darkness. It’s not enough to complain from our padded pews in church, we need to be in the culture, affecting a positive change, while at the same time pointing people to the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ.


7 thoughts on “Destroying America through its children

  1. I have already noticed the homosexual slant as my daughter started kindergarten in the form of a library book. In one of those find-an-object in a crowd scene type of books there appears to be two male police officers kissing each other under the mistletoe.

    When I saw this, I didn’t mention it, hoping that my little girl would not notice it. But, of course, she did. “Mommy, two men are kissing!”

    I don’t like it, but the library book did provide me another opportunity to reinforce the idea that God says men should not kiss men like that.

    What worries me is what happens in the kindergarten classroom when I’m not there. Who knows what the public school is teaching my child and as a single parent, I can’t afford private.

    I have Guarding Your Child’s Heart: Establishing Your Child’s Faith Through Scripture Memory and Meditation in my cart at I want to work with my girls to store up God’s word in their hearts so it can shape their worldview. As life brings them different experiences, let them evaluate what has happened through the lens of a Christian perspective, not what they learn in public school.

    I face an uphill battle, I’m sure, but we all do.

  2. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

    Homosexuality if forbidden in the OT as well as the NT in Romans 1.

    Blessings on all who read this
    John Wilder

  3. Thankfully, it is only you and some other christians (not all of them, by any means) that find love abhorrent.

    No-one is stopping you from getting married to the person you fall in love with, and believing what you like about marriage, so please don’t try and impose your very particular views on the rest of us.

    Most of us have no reason to believe that the bible you quote bears any resemblance to the truth, but we don’t stop you believing it. Be polite and let other people live their lives. It has no effect on you whatsoever what happens between consenting adults..

    • I don’t find love abhorrent. Don’t confuse the issue.
      Abhorrent sexual behaviors are taught as normal and they’re not normal. They lead to strange and violent behaviors against children. The recent reports out of Penn State and Syracuse are only a few examples.

      • Homosexuality is not just about sex. You are confusing the issue.

        If, by normal, you mean statistically normal, then you are probably correct. But I suspect you mean morally “normal”. It is perfectly morally acceptable for people in love to get married (regardless of their gender).

        Marriage, in particular, existed long before your religion existed anyway, and for most of the time, has been seen as a business contract between families and nothing to do with love or sex.

        Just because you find it abhorrent, does not mean you can force your views on everyone else. No-one is forcing you into a homosexual relationship.

        However, teaching children that such relationships exists, is perfectly acceptable, as it prevents bigotry and hatred and acceptance (which it should, as it is not wrong).

        Homosexuality (which you refer to, wrongly, as abhorrent) does not lead to strange violent behaviours. In fact, those who are open about their sexuality and not trying to cover it up, are far less likely to sexually abuse children.

  4. Hey Stooshie
    You are sadly misinformed sir. Our religeon predates marriage. Homosexuality is objectionable to most world religeons. They still do the death penalty in Islam that we are all supposed to be so tolerant over.

    It is not moral for homosexuals to marry according to the bible which is a universal standard of morality.

    I suspect that you subscribe to a situation ethical or existential view of morality. The problem with that is morality then becomes an individual thing with no universal rights and wrongs. This was explained to me by the catholic priest who sexually abused me as a boy. They wnet on to have a world wide conspiracy to protect the priests instead of the children. This is the reason for NAMBLA
    The North American Man Boy Love Assn whose sole purpose is to de-criminalize sex between men and boys.

    It is not at all age appropriate information to be teaching pre K and kindergarten kids. You are making an assertion that you have no basis to make about hiding sexuality and thus causing homosexuals to abuse kids.

    John Wilder

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