Where’s the change of heart?

This was one of those ads I clicked on while surfing (no pun intended) YouTube this morning. Technically I was viewing another video unrelated to this one, but it popped up as an advertisement. I thought it would be interesting, as a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ, to see what the Mormon Church is promoting of itself and its religion.

Here’s a girl who has succeeded in long board surfing competition. The cinematography is good and her story is interesting.

But why do the producers of the video let 2008 Women’s long board chapmpion Joy Monahan proclaim she is a Mormon follower at the very end of the video? While the viewer is told that her dad was a “beach bum,” that she began competing in surfing at the age of 13, that she still has to do chores and that surfing keeps her out of trouble, we know nothing of her conversion to Mormonism and why it’s good for her.

“Life hasn’t changed that much,” she says in the video.

So why is religion important to her?

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