It’s amazing how the right words are found at the right time and are salve for a sore soul. It can’t be but God whispering to us “I love you and I am right here.”

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“Your blocked door doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you. Quite the opposite. It’s proof that he does.” – Max Lucado

You try one door after another, yet no one responds to your résumé. No university accepts your application. No doctor has a remedy for your illness. No buyers look at your home. Your marriage is over. Your kids have moved away.

You’ve had too many losses and it appears to get worse with each passing day.

Obstacles block your path. Roads are barricaded. Doorways are padlocked. Do you know the frustration of a blocked door?  You feel gridlocked, unable to escape.

In Max Lucado’s book, 3:16 The Numbers of Hope, he talks about the challenge of a blocked door. Lucado writes, “It’s not that our plans are bad but that God’s plans are better.”

God uses closed doors to advance his cause.

There is a familiar saying…

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