Total tolerance and the travesties that follow

I don’t have to tolerate debauchery, in fact, I refuse to!

Moreover, do not ask me to tolerate lies and convince me that truth is subjective. The moral and philosophical claim that there are no absolutes is simply absurd! Real truth does exist.

I believe one of the subtleties of Satan is the idea that we must be tolerant if we’re to be enlightened citizens. That’s a lie! From where did the notion of tolerance originate?

Should we tolerate slavery? What about child abuse? Murder? The subjugation of women for religious reasons?

So why then must we tolerate shameful acts (God’s words, not mine) such as homosexuality or pornography?

I heard a great radio program recently that discussed the cultural rot that comes from societies that become intolerant of a righteous and rightful hatred of evil (sin) as defined by God.

When nations tolerate all sorts of unconscionable acts dreamed up by a depraved human mind, we can’t help but wind up with all sorts of crimes and disease.


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