Faith is kind of like driving in the fog

Tule fog in Bakersfield, California

Tule fog in Bakersfield, California

The thought recently occurred to me that faith — particularly faith in God, but it can be in anything unseen — is tantamount to driving in a thick fog. Those who live in regions and have to drive where the fog is thick enough to obscure the view past the end of your car’s hood know full well what I’m talking about.

Driving in a thick fog, even on a highway you know, can be disconcerting because your vision is severely limited.

This lack of visibility of life going on around you while you drive puts a lot of trust in your other senses, and your memory of fixed landmarks, which become like lighthouses to a ship’s captain when navigating near the shore. I’ve actually used specific trees and concrete irrigation stands to navigate farm country in the tule fog.

I think our faith in God is somewhat the same as driving in a tule fog, particularly when it comes to those things in life that challenge our faith in God. We don’t see God, but like driving in the fog, we begin to trust our past experiences of His work in our lives as we continue to navigate live’s journey.

Testing that faith

Take for instance my recent concern over the funding to take a quick 1,600-mile trip and see my daughter on her birthday and speak with someone near where she lives about a particular opportunity for myself. Given the price of gasoline and lodging, it’s easy to become concerned and even fearful as my full time job has been anything but over the past several months and income is notably limited.

Nevertheless I continue to purposely hold firm to my faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because of an amazing and mysterious assurance I have from the God they couldn’t see either. As I continue to hold to this faith I’ve seen God continue to give me opportunities to work after it appeared things were once-again going to be shut down for yet another day.

And though I can not see you And I cant explain why Such a deep, deep reassurance You’ve placed in my life

~ lyrics from “Never Alone” by Barlow Girl

This is just one of the many things that amazes me about God and the mystery of my faith. Even the Bible tells me that my faith isn’t wholly my own, but is itself a gift from God. At least that’s how I read Romans 12:3, which says (emphasis added) “Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.”

I’ll be the first to admit that I am unskilled at understanding the mind of God or how He plans things. All I know is I can look through the lens of hindsight and circumstances in my life and see things line up that can’t merely be coincidence or happenstance. There’s a God who is intricately involved in my life, from the minute to the massive.


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