Updated: Pornography’s double standard

This has been updated since I earlier posted the link to a blog written by Melissa Jenna, which I first discovered thanks to the Facebook posting of Jeff Bethke, the poet now famous for his “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus” video that went viral on YouTube not too long ago.

Both address the pornography that is acceptable among even Christian women. While we appropriately take issue with folks like Fred Willard, who was arrested recently in Los Angeles on lewd behavior charges after an alleged incident in a Hollywood porn theater, it’s apparently acceptable for women to patronize similar materials because… well… nobody has a good answer for that!

“50 Shades of Grey” is an erotic novel, and “Magic Mike” is a movie about male strippers, and both are very, very popular with women right now. In fact, they’re being called “Mommy Porn.” ~ Excerpt from Melissa Jenna’s blog

Since then Dr. Meg Meeker, MD, a pediatrician who’s been prominently featured in Christian and secular media, weighed in on the topic with her own blog titled: 50 Shades of Garbage.

America’s dive into social debauchery seems to be happening at a pace faster even than our current national economic collapse, and can easily be traced to our eager acceptance of moral relativism.


6 thoughts on “Updated: Pornography’s double standard

  1. There are many Christians who recognize these books (The Twilight Series and its fan fiction novel spinoff 50 Shades of Grey) and mainstream movies for what they are: a dangerous slipperly slope into sin.

    Christians should not profess that they “love” these books as the link you provided illustrates. What is there to love about sin? But most people do not see the sin, they see the package, the beautiful, exciting, romantic package and they miss the “sin” part. Sounds like the tree in the Garden of Eden, doesn’t it?

    This is about Twilight but it applies to movies and books in general:


    My main concern about your blog post is the fact that it seems intent finger-pointing and recrimination. Recrimination is a retaliatory accusation. Did someone recently point out to you that pornography is sinful and your response was “But women do this and it is just as bad!” That’s recrimination.

    Is your concern simply about the injustice of the fact that men “get in trouble” for their sin and women, supposedly, don’t? Or is your motivation to help women see the subtle sins that infect their lives and, as a result, seperate them from God.

    God holds each person accountable only for their own actions. If a husband is watching porn, that’s sin. If a wife is reading Twilight-type books or watching male strippers, as in Magic Mike, that’s sin. But one person’s sin does not lessen the gravity of another.

    • I came across this blog today and found it interesting given that I had just seen a Facebook post by a woman I know who attends a good, bible teaching church. She was all excited about the movie.
      My point is that I agree with the writer of the blog I linked to.
      Men viewing pornography is just as important an issue for the church to address as is women and things like the writer suggests. In both cases it sets up unrealistic ideas and drives a wedge in marriages.
      I’m not excusing one sin because others sin in a similar manner. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I know that.

  2. In the link you provided, the author writes “This is a post that will not make me any friends, and will alienate some of my existing friends, and generally make me look like a complete stick-in-the-mud.”

    If you are attending a church where people won’t like you for calling sin “sin” then I do not think you are attending a biblical church. Have you considered this?

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