Is social media really antisocial?

Free Train Station Girls Talking on Cell Phone...

Free Train Station Girls Talking on Cell Phones Creative Commons (Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography)

Remember the good old days, when you could have a conversation with your friend, and they actually listened and participated?

I still remember the days when we’d gather at the park, or somewhere else, and pop in our favorite Eagles or Styx tape in the portable 8-track player that someone brought. The tape would cycle over and over as we sat and talked — or just sat while the music played. Still, the point of the gathering was conversation.

Now it seems as if those conversations don’t happen at all, or at least not with each other.

I was recently eating dinner in a popular restaurant with a friend. Every so often my eyes would move across the room to the couple eating dinner nearby — or at least she was. His smart phone consumed him. It made me think aloud to my dinner companion that technology has made us more available, or arguably more accessible, but it certainly hasn’t made us friendlier.

So much for the term “social media.”

This though reoccurred to me the other day as I tried unsuccessfully to call someone on the phone. It’s amazing that with text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and the like, nobody seems to answer their phone anymore.

The grand irony is that I’m somewhat of a techno-geek: I go nowhere without my iPhone. Still, I’m becoming more and more aware of how this little gadget, with all its positive attributes, is nothing more than an excuse to be rude.

How is it that people can send umpteen text messages over the course of a couple minutes, but when you try to call them to actually have a live conversation the call goes immediately to voice mail? How rude!

Amazing isn’t it: many of us have hundreds of Facebook friends and tons of followers on Twitter, but nobody to talk with.


One thought on “Is social media really antisocial?

  1. This article is so true. When I’m with friends they often ignore you to check they facebook n twitter. Even family are becoming antisocial because 4 my birthday my brother n sister wishing me through facebook and bbm. But in the past they would visit which was great.

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