Stay curious my friend

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I like to read. I read more for information and learning than I do simple pleasure because I like to learn.

I’ve found myself reading blogs lately that relate to relationships, both marriage and dating. It has me thinking: where are the blogs aimed at helping men become better husbands, leaders, fathers, etc? While there are many written by women — some are actually pretty good and have much to teach men — I did discover one titled Unspoken, which I am now following.

One I’m also finding quite intriguing, written from a women’s point of view, is actually two different blogs written by the same woman. Peaceful Single Girl, and its companion site, Peaceful Wife’s Blog, have their obvious target audiences, yet, as someone interested in learning, may I encourage you men to consider them both as they offer a rich amount of insight into the feminine mind. After all, we’re always joking about “if I only knew what she was thinking!” Well, this might help!

On the flip side to these two blogs is one I just discovered, which is written by the husband of the Peaceful Wife. I find its title interesting: The Respected Husband. I look forward to digging into it to find learn about its title and more.

Another good resource is Focus on the Family. They seem to be bending over backwards (in a very good and positive way) to reach out to men and to singles as never before.

To borrow from a recent post in the Unspoken Blog, men can do well to seek out godly counsel and advice in all areas of our lives, including our relationships with our wives and girlfriends (hopefully not both at the same time!). Read this particular blog post because it utilizes some great wisdom from the Proverbs.

May I also suggest that your journey with Christ include several key relationships with older men in your church. These are difficult, I know. We’re all busy and have many things going on in our lives, but the rewards of finding a mentor are rich. In the words of God, as penned by Solomon in Proverbs 2:2 “Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.”

Or, to borrow a phrase, “stay curious my friend.”


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