Will CBS be flagged for advertising?

Show of hands: how many people were physically uncomfortable with, or simply nauseated by many of this year’s SuperBowl commercials?

"Censored" rubber stamp

Do we need a rating system on SuperBowl commercials now, and will parents be able to block them? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found it a bit ironic that the network that aired the SuperBowl this year, and sold all those pornographic commercials, was the same network that several years ago was blasted for its halftime show featuring a woman who’s top magically came off at the end of her performance. Never mind Beyonce’s performance this year that should have carried an R-rating.

It’s sad that a television program with as wide an audience as the SuperBowl needs to demean itself by allowing the kind of filth that it did in this year’s commercials. Then again it’s not entirely the SuperBowl’s fault. Let’s look deeper into a culture which sadly promotes the kind of debauchery that we saw (or tried not to see by muting the sound and walking out of the room) in this year’s line-up of commercials. Certainly CBS bears the brunt of the responsibility for agreeing to air this trash.

Remember when SuperBowl commercials were a thing to watch and be lauded for their creativity. Now they were nothing but a venue for pornography and sick ideas. How many people, for instance, will NOT use the services of GoDaddy.com now because of this year’s set of commercials? I saw several comments on Twitter and Facebook that lead me to believe it will be a significant number. Let’s hope so.

As an aside, we need to thank Pepsi, the national milk board, e-bay and the various car companies for not denigrating their brands by crawling around the gutter with the rest of the advertisers in this year’s line-up.

So now, instead of gathering the family for an afternoon and evening of good television and good football, rather than enjoying funny and entertaining commercials, concerned parents will need to either usher the kids out of the room or simply turn off the television for a couple minutes when they break for commercials during the SuperBowl.


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