Social media and single Christians

Organization clears your path

Sometimes life is not about the ease of the path but the direction of the journey. (Photo credit: nist6ss)

Social media, for its various ills, does have its shining examples worthy of notice, particularly by the Christian community. No longer are the large Christian media and outreach organizations the sole purveyors of issues that the church ought to, but still sadly, isn’t talking about.

My purpose here isn’t necessarily to criticize the larger Christian organizations, but to illustrate how something seemingly small is worthy of greater attention.

Lately I’ve found myself reading several blogs geared towards single Christian adults. Not all of them have that demographic in mind. In fact, one blogger, in her apparent desire to reach women in particular, has developed two blogs — one aimed at the single girl and the other the Christian wife.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a short list of ones I’m following, including one with a very provocative title:

In each case I’ve found myself learning more from these independent bloggers and their readers than I do from the more popular Christian organizations, though that’s not to say I’ve not not learned anything from the larger Christian organizations such as Focus on the Family or similar organizations with their tabs and pages highlighting a few of the predictable issues single adults face. Still, it seems as if the larger organizations, and even the church, have single adults as an afterthought rather than begin to realize that single adults make up a large percentage of the unchurched population in America and for one reason or another, are not the central focus of attention by churches and their various programs.

My discovery started with a keyword search in WordPress related to Christian dating and wound up with several sites that seem to have struck a chord with other single adults and the issues we face related to dating in an ever-changing world. As a guy, I’ve managed to mine some interesting and educational nuggets of information, as well as some tips, that I can hopefully and successfully put into practice.

Who knows where this quest for knowledge will wind up for me. But, I’m certainly learning some valuable communications skills along the way… and isn’t that, for all of us, a valuable skill to possess?


2 thoughts on “Social media and single Christians

  1. Still trying to get a “hang” of this WordPress / blog thing……
    Thank you for your kind talk. I have “fixed” some of my blogs (I have not used a markup language since my IBM days)

    My blog I want to be “dreamlike” so to speak, one post ending and melting into another. Some of it is just my random nature. Most will focus on singleness, faith, trust, and service to Jesus Christ.

    It is also I guess therapy for me. I have to get these stories out. My loneliness sometimes is hard to bear, and this blog thing can be a way for me to “write myself out of it”

    I really like your stuff here. My name is Jason and I am a humble servant of Christ. I am the worst of sinners, and the pain of my past sometimes hurts…..however the way I am NOW reminds me of “what” I was delivered from!

    Concerning singleness…….look, from my short time in Christ (three years at best) there is SO much pain in the church concerning this issue. It’s not being addressed. So many people are hurting. Many leave, many get a “chip” on the shoulder that they dare someone to knock-off. Others just “accept” and some fall prey to secular world ideas and apply them to the church, which is dangerous in my opinion.

    We have a great journey here….with peaceful awesome work, and insight with single / married women and the countless other blogs I am finding…..what a journey, and discussion Christ wants us to have on this.

    Drop a note anytime brother.

    In Truth,


    • Don’t sell yourself short by saying you’ve been in Christ only 3 years! If you’re secure in Him then that’s what counts.
      Follow Christ and His direction in your life brother, regardless of what others may say or think. You will not answer to them, but to God.
      Keep writing. I know for me it’s what I do. It’s how God created me.
      Best regards.

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