Saving our kid’s lives

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

Bullying is very real and we all have a part to play in stopping it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stories like this really hit home for me right now.

My daughter is 12 and just started middle school. She’s the same age as Rebecca Ann Sedwick, the Florida girl who was literally bullied to death. I’ve known kids and of kids who have made decisions like this to end the pain.

I personally believe we as parents and adults need to be much more purposeful when it comes to our children and the children we come in contact with, whether it’s through youth group in church, our own child’s friends, or wherever.

Technology has allowed bullying to take on an expanded reach. No longer do kids simply have to wait for another child to walk down the hallway at school, or lie in wait near the bus stop. Texting and emails are instant, easy and horribly persuasive.

Here is just one example of where I believe the church — those who profess to follow Jesus Christ — can insert itself into the culture and have a positive impact in the lives of young people. Maybe a child won’t talk to her parents about something, but maybe she will talk with the mother of a friend, or her Sunday school teacher. The key is we need to be observant and open to these opportunities.

And, rather than simply wait for the opportunity, responsible adults need to actively seek these opportunities and help navigate our children through adolescence.


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