Laughter and other simple joys

Picking oranges from our orange tree in 2006.

Picking oranges from our orange tree with my daughter in 2006.

My weekend with my daughter is over for another couple weeks. This is typically the “let-down” time for me as I return to a quiet apartment and kill some time before going to bed.

It was a good weekend, though she suffered part of the weekend through a “tummy ache” and a bumped nose that drew only tears. The highlight was hugging her and assuring her she’d be okay as I agreed to get her a couple crunchy tacos from Taco Bell (her favorite).

Returning home to Facebook I came across a video posted by a mom. In the video several kids push plastic cars along a quiet, suburban street. Each car was attached by string to make a train of cars. Some kids pushed while others rode.

Mom laughed her heart out. Her joy was infectious.

It made me think: when was the last time I laughed — really laughed out of an abundance of joy in my heart?

I can’t remember.

That makes me sad.


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