Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect

I can’t add to this, except to point out that this offers a look into why many men today avoid marriage like the plague. We’ve seen these examples too many times and can fully understand why guys opt against marriage or remarriage.
Hearing women complain about where all the single guys are in America’s churches then watch or hear some of them whine and complain on social media or in public the way they do is also telling.
Yes, there are the exceptions, but the culture has made the risk too great.

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I can’t tell you where I was or who was there or when it happened. I don’t want to add to this guy’s humiliation, so I am keeping this vague and generic. I can simply tell you that, some time ago, I found myself in the same vicinity as another married couple.

I certainly can’t read their minds, and I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, all I know is that the husband couldn’t seem to utter a single phrase that wouldn’t provoke exaggerated eye-rolling from his wife.

She disagreed with everything he said.

She contradicted nearly every statement.

She even nagged him.

She brought up a “funny” story that made him out to be incompetent and foolish. He laughed, but he was embarrassed.

She was gutting him right in front of us. Emasculating him. Neutering him. Damaging him.

It was excruciating.

It was tragic.

It also was, or…

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One thought on “Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect

  1. Yes, I have witnessed this. In my church. In my neighborhood, in my own family………

    I don’t want to be that Christian man that just whines about this, nor will I be a doormat as well concerning this behavior anymore if it ever directed at me.

    Maybe that’s why I am single, and always have been 🙂

    I don’t know how to handle this, or how it should be handled, but thanks for the post friend!

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