Do pitfalls & potholes reveal God?

Salmon struggle in their migration upstream.

Salmon struggle in their migration upstream.

It’s been said that life is not as much the destination as the journey. While I’m discovering much truth in this I’m also of the opinion that the destination dictates my own journey.

My journey recently led me to a different church. In fact much of my journey the last few years has been one of church discovery as I learn more of myself.

This morning’s sermon highlighted a few points that have been in my head lately that are worth pondering.

Woven in the pastor’s sermon this morning was the thought that all of life is really a struggle. It made me think that it’s not merely the human life that is a struggle, but all of creation is engaged somehow in friction and force. This came to mind as the pastor commented that all human relationships, and even the relationship we have with God, aren’t without conflict.

So why is it we are so bent on a life without conflict if the pastor’s premise is true in that conflict is even a part of the relationship we have with God? According to the pastor, growth does not occur without conflict. The example of an athelete training his or her body for competition is one but many such metaphores that can be used to illustrate this point.

The point of conflict, the pastor said, is in how we handle it. There are healthy and unhealthy ways of going about conflict resolution.

There was so much more to Pastor Ed’s sermon this morning that I may comment on over time, such as the thought that while the Bible is full of stories about slavery, polygamy and other things, it does not mean that these references are automatic endorsements of such behavior. The pastor was making a point in how we interpret what we read, and the larger picture Jesus taught as his stumbling, bumbling disciples sought clarity in his teaching.

I think one of the points for me today was to try to avoid the notion that all conflict is bad, therefore I will avoid it at all cost. That’s a tough one since some of us are really averse to conflict.

Conflict is certainly a human condition we all must suffer through at times in our growth process. I’m personally thankful that throughout life’s struggles and conflict that the God of the Bible continues to become more real and more evident not just in my life, but in circumstances around me.

And that, I think, was the point of Pastor Ed’s message: That the God of the Bible is truly real and who the Bible says He is.


2 thoughts on “Do pitfalls & potholes reveal God?

  1. Great article … our Sunday School lesson was on trials, but more specifically on the Hope that we have that gets us through the trials. Goes right along with your Pastor’s message.

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