Are marriage priorities misplaced?

1815-regency-proposal-woodcutThere’s a story line in the movie “God’s Not Dead” that deals with one of the main characters and his girlfriend.

SPOILER ALERT: If you’ve not seen the movie, click away now. Here’s something else to read.

The two college sweethearts seem destined for marriage until he opts to take on a class project to challenge his philosophy instructor’s notion that “God is Dead.” Hence the title of the movie.

Don’t take this as slamming the institution of marriage, but what is it about our culture where some young women are so entirely focused on “the ring” that they think it’s entirely permissible to belittle and cajole a guy as if the ends justify the means? The two wind up breaking up, and although I realize the story is fictional, I was happy for the guy.

Has the church failed to help young people see the realities of marriage rather than let the premise continue that marriage = happiness? Has the divorce rate in America not taught people anything?

What’s even more ironic is the speed at which second marriages happen as the ink still sets on the divorce decree; statistics show the percentage of second marriages that fail is much greater than that of first marriages.

While we spend so much capital and good will on the newlyweds, what if we put some serious effort and consideration into ensuring people wanting to marry build a solid foundation to remain that way rather than toss it aside when something better comes along or lose interest when life’s storms happen?


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