Are women just as likely to be abusive in relationships?

Originally posted on Women for Men:
This is from back in June, but Lizette Borelli, a reporter at Medical Daily, exposes the PC nature of domestic violence. Relationships can be an emotional rollercoaster. Throughout the ride, men and women can be everything from loving and nurturing, to sometimes verbally and even physically abusive during fights.…


False teachers: the sad truth

Probably the most troubling part of the popularity of false teachers like the Osteens is the otherwise level-headed people I know who buy their lies, hook, line and sinker.

Do pitfalls & potholes reveal God?

So why is it we are so bent on a life without conflict if the pastor’s premise is true in that conflict is even a part of the relationship we have with God? According to the pastor, growth does not occur without conflict. The example of an athelete training his or her body for competition is one but many such metaphores that can be used to illustrate this point.