America’s Christian heritage censored?

For those interested in history and willing to dig a little, it’s not difficult to find proof that America’s heritage is not only Christian, but that our founders were profoundly Christian in their beliefs. The proof is in their personal writings and in the documents they signed that formed the basis for how we, as…

An old command with a new twist

When Jesus issued a new command to love one another to his disciples during the Last Supper, his order wasn’t that they go out and buy something for their girlfriends or wives; nor was he suggesting that they spring for dinner and the latest form of entertainment for some cute Jewish girl that might have…


I can’t encourage you enough to be involved in a Christ-centered church where relationships are encouraged and fostered through fellowship. Don’t just go to church and then head for the door the moment the pastor says “amen.” Stick around; get involved; meet people.

Why church is so important

I know some people who have that take-it-or-leave-it attitude about church. Even as well-intentioned as they might be, or how they try to justify the idea of a family outing on Sunday instead of church, I think it’s sad because they’re missing out on so much.

What’s in God’s name?

In the context of God, what comes to mind when His name is mentioned? Do you think of the One who responded to Moses in an audible voice “I am who I am” when Moses asked Almighty God what name he should cite as the authority behind his call to lead the entire nation of Israel from captivity in Egypt. I’m sure Moses was also thinking that he was likewise going to have to cite this same name to Pharaoh when he reported to him under who’s authority Moses came to demand the release of a million or so people who just happened to be Pharaoh’s slave labor.