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Christian vipers spit poison words

Sadly there are people who will never come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, not because of the world’s influences, but because of the influence of people who claim to be Christian. In my life I’ve come across people who know how to smile, can quote bible scriptures by memory and purport to love…

Thinking about divorce: get help now!

I was sharing with a friend of mine the other day a little tid bit on divorce. It comes from personal experience. This friend of mine, we’ll call him “Sam,” recently shared a bit about his life at a group gathering. With his wife next to him, the two shared how one incident (they did…

Forgetting our past

So which is it? Is it easier to forgive ourselves when we err, or to forgive others of their misgivings and sins? Are we really our own worst enemies? How is it I can remember my every shortcoming and sin, but I can’t remember where I put my keys?