Divorce talk

Just sitting in a coffee shop reading facebook messages, occasionally eavesdropping on three women sharing divorce stories. I guess from the conversation that it’s new for one of them. It doesn’t matter the situation, someone is always hurt. I can only imagine if children are involved. There has to be more that the church can…

The rejection of divorce cuts deep

A little more than two years ago I experienced a pain unlike any other pain I’ve ever felt. The symptoms had been there for years leading up to this moment in time when my world went momentarily black and my knees bucked under me. The next 30 minutes was, quite literally, the most physically painful…


I can’t encourage you enough to be involved in a Christ-centered church where relationships are encouraged and fostered through fellowship. Don’t just go to church and then head for the door the moment the pastor says “amen.” Stick around; get involved; meet people.

True friendship is priceless

I’d like to think that our human relationships are all counseling sessions of sorts. When a friend asks for our opinion on something or simply wants to vent aren’t we doing what Jesus called us to do by loving our neighbors as ourselves?