Does the bible address social skills?

“You talk to much. You talk to much. I can’t believe the things that you say!” ~ George Thorogood. “Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.” ~ Proverbs 10:19 NLT. We’ve been around them before: the person who just won’t take a breath and shut their mouth long enough…

Christian vipers spit poison words

Sadly there are people who will never come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, not because of the world’s influences, but because of the influence of people who claim to be Christian. In my life I’ve come across people who know how to smile, can quote bible scriptures by memory and purport to love…

Why do some Christians shun divorced people?

Divorce is a disease, but not the kind you’d think. It’s the product of a fallen, sinful world. It causes a whole host of very physical and psychological impacts in the adults involved, as well as their children. The pain of divorce has been described as that of a knife cutting through the body. This makes sense.

How gossip destroys relationships

Simply put, gossip is the verbal reduction of someone else’s value as a person. And since we’re all created in God’s image, I would strongly argue that this makes gossip a sin. The Bible sure has plenty to say about the subject. I like the Apostle Paul’s words in Ephesians 4:29 on the subject of encouragement: